Finally the DLD77 Rev 02 pre-production PCBs begin arriving!

We just received 8 of the 10 DLD 77 Rev 02 pre-production PCBs. The remaining 2 are expected to be in the week after next. Comparing DLD 77 PCB outlines, we managed to shrink the Rev 02 PCB outline so that it is smaller than the Rev 01 PCB. The outline shrinking did come with a trade-off. The Rev 01 design supported the capability to accept PCB mount type key-switches which have an additional 2 alignment holes. Those alignment holes proved to be too much for the areas where the routing is 'busy'. So the key-switches have been changed in Rev 02 to be panel mount.

Reset assured however the key-cap stabilizers still remain PCB mount for Rev 02!

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