The Bench & Stool

Sounds like the name of a pub but it isn't. It's one wall of the dining room where we've set up shop with our manual SMT equipment to build the prototypes.

Yes you see it right there in the picture friends, high-end manual SMT equipment in the dining room with a shitty bench and stool. What gives? Well let me tell you what gives, Orlando area shop rent pricing. We even looked at purchasing instead. Nada. Unless of course one wants to overpay. What about proper benches and chairs? Yeah we have them. Disassembled and in storage. I was given an envelope I had to stay within or else. So under the advisement of my wedding tackle, the proper benches and chairs were sidelined and the shitty bench & stool called up for duty.

Where to from here? Well, the plan is to build up two units as well as two programming jigs. The two units will be utilized to validate the electrical part of the design before moving on to the software and mechanical fit checks.

Stay tuned.


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