The Kailh mechanical keyboard switches have arrived!

We just received 3 lots of box style switches and 1 lot of speed style switches from Kailh!

Presently we are registering 0 for each style. That should change over the next day or so as we package them into bundles of 10.

I hope folks can turn an eye and pardon my product pictures for now. Photography is not my strong suit and the team member with such photography skills is currently tied up.

As the community knows, Kailh offers several varieties of mechanical keyboard switches. Being that we are just starting out, we had to narrow down what to initially offer. Our hope is that the choices we made for our initial offerings are correct. It seemed people would be interested in the box style switch, and to that we selected: linear, soft tactile, and click tactile types. Further we added to the mix a linear type speed style switch as well.

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