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Limited delivery region on orders:

At this time we only permit orders with domestic U.S. addresses.

Our goal is to expand this to other regions as quickly as possible.

P.O. Box addresses:

We cannot fully process or honor any orders with P.O. Box addresses.

Unfortunately Shopify has no means to prevent this up front that we are aware of. Payment gateways typically will reject the transaction with a P.O. Box address but it's not a certainty. In the event an order with a P.O. Box address makes its way to the point of order fulfillment, we will reject the order (to include refund of any payment made).


At this time we offer shipping via USPS (first class package, priority mail, and priority mail express) and DHL express.

Our goal is to expand this with more options as they become available to us.


We charge a flat $2.50 handling fee. This helps with labor and materials for processing the order. It is included in with the shipping & handling cost line item you see when you checkout and in the invoice/bill you receive.

Sales Tax:

We collect (and remit) Florida sales tax on any purchases shipped to a Florida address. Such is the law. However (permitted by law) we do not levy/charge, collect, or remit Florida sales tax on any portion of the sale related to shipping and handling.

Per Florida state law, this is permissible so long as:

(a) the shipping and handling show up as an additional line item on the invoice/bill. Our invoice/bill clearly show this.

(b) there is means to avoid shipping and handling charges all together. The means we offer the ability to make mutually agreeable arrangements for picking up the order at our business nexus. To do this, when placing an order, use the local pickup option to pick the order up at our business nexus. Please include a telephone number. We will contact you to set up the arrangements so that you may pick-up your order.